Our most simple solution, practical and straightforward

What is BestPortfolio_

Bestporfolio, a solution providing the essential functions to carry out financial advice tasks and which is continually adapted to the different benchmark regulatory frameworks such as MiFID II, Shari’ah compliant. All the simplicity necessary in a tool kit to automate processes, make agile investment proposals and, in short, offer independent advisers efficient interaction and a differentiated service for its end clients.

This is our most simple solution, but at the same time it has everything that a financial advisory company could need. In continual evolution, it professionally and flexibly covers all the technological needs of your IFAS.

Who needs this solution?_

In a world of a customer centric, efficiency and agility mark the difference between winning or losing, BestPortfolio is the professional tool designed to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of independent financial advisory companies IFAS and strictly comply.

What benefits does it offer? Why choose BestPortfolio?_

Thorough analysis and quality reports

Forget about Excel and complicated calculations and generate detailed and personalised high-value reports, adding all the investments of the client quickly and easily, which will help you improve client loyalty and satisfaction.

Investment proposals that allow you to be MiFID-Compliant

Automate the commercial advisory process and facilitate the process for generating and managing investment proposals tailored to your clients’ requirements. BestPortfolio is adapted to MiFID regulatory requirements: administration of suitability tests, risk control, calculation of fees or generation of CNMV reserved statuses and ISC (investment service companies) documents.

Tranquillity and confidence

Transmit tranquillity and confidence to your clients by ensuring continual monitoring of their investments. Configure and administrate alerts and controls in order to take immediate action in the event of impacts on your clients’ portfolios

Integration with custody

Fully integration with different custodies. Automated loading of operations files and automatic registration of portfolio products.

Mobility and online access

BestPortfolio is a cloud tool, with no software installation, no complicated configuration processes or backups and has multichannel access. Additionally, it is a tool in a state of constant evolution. Evolution in which the feedback from all IFAS is integrated and became a game changer.

Secure client data

We use the most advanced technology to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data, providing secure software through the application of preventive and assurance measures to ensure that our products meet industry software security standards .


BestPortfolio allows individual access to all the members of the team, each one with their specific user role, and the sharing of the whole client database.

Client web access

We facilitate communication and transparency with your clients who will have access to a private web in order to see the status of their portfolio, set up alerts or immediately and easily sign any documentation that you send your clients and using any device with Internet access.

Some figures_

Assets managed using BestPortfolio
advised using BestPortfolio
using the application
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Client Testimonials_

“BestPortfolio it is an essential tool for us as it helps us in the comprehensive management of the client, from profiling to reporting to CNMV and in the preparation of investment proposals and reporting to clients”

Carlos García Ciriza

C2 Advisors

Its comprehensive analysis gives me an overview of the yield/risk exposure of my clients’ portfolios

Iñigo Peña

Valor Óptimo

“BestPortflio and the team of professionals that provide us support are an essential tool in our day-to-day work”

Javier Sedano

Javier Sedano EAFI